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scoring cards
Cardscore has brought crowdsourcing to the grading of trading cards. Our platform allows for card owners to submit their cards via a high-resolution scan to Cardscore, which can then be viewed and graded, what we call “scored” by other collectors.

Scoring (grading) cards is easy, and can be done from anywhere from a phone, tablet, or computer. It’s meant to be enjoyable and a service to the hobby, but we do compensate scorers for their time! Anybody can use Cardscore to be a scorer! Just keep in mind that Cardscore does reserve the right to block users we feel are not scoring legitimately.  

The criteria for scoring is similar to what is used by the professionals. The beauty of our system is that we’re using the wisdom of the crowd to determine the condition of cards. Some scorers will value certain attributes over others, and that’s ok. Cards are scanned in at a high resolution to allow the scorers to zoom in and see enough detail to score it on the four categories of corners, edges, centering, and surface. Scoring is done on a scale of 1-100. A Cardscore 100 would be a near-perfect card, and in the range of a professionally graded 10. A Cardscore 90 would be in the range of a professionally graded 9. A Cardscore 80 would be in the range of a professionally graded 8… and so on. A recommended range for scoring is highlighted in GREEN on the scoring bar for each card. If you are new to the card grading process, here are some general guidelines for each category to point you in the right direction:  

Corners: Quality of each of the four corners. Cards with excellent scores in this category should have four corners that are all very sharp and undamaged.  

Edges: Quality of each of the four edges. Cards with excellent edges should have four edges that are all very sharp and undamaged.  

Centering: How the image aligns with the border of the card. Cards with excellent centering should have equal spacing between the image and the border and should not be lopsided.  

Surface: Cards with an excellent surface should have a bright, flawless color and be free of any scratches, fading, creases, and smears.  

After 50-100 scores are submitted for an individual card, outliers are removed and the final scores are determined for each category. An overall score is also assigned based on the average score of all four categories.
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