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Buy your own equipment
If you’re interested in submitting your cards for scoring, you can visit one of our kiosk locations, or you can purchase an Epson V600 scanner and our scorekey to submit cards from home. With Cardscore’s technology (scanner and scorekey) a card never leaves the card owner’s possession.
epson v600 scanners
Cardscore is currently compatible with the Epson V600 scanner. We do not sell this item directly. Please visit Epson's website to find out where you can purchase a scanner so that you can submit cards from home.
A Cardscore scorekey is what allows a user to connect to a scanner via our app to scan and submit cards. It securely sends a 1200dpi scanned image of the card directly to our server and can be viewed within seconds.  

CLICK HERE to purchase a Scorekey so you can scan and submit cards to Cardscore from home.
Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.