For just $25 per month you can now rent Cardscore Homebase! Cardscore Homebase includes everything you will need to make submissions from the comfort of home! Here’s how it works:
  • Cardscore will send you Homebase which includes our patent-pending Scorekey device, an Epson V600 scanner, and our raw card template which will provide you with everything you need to make submissions.
  • You can rent the equipment for as little as one month, or as long as you would like. You will be automatically billed $25 per month, and you can cancel any time by emailing info@cardscore.com.
  • You will pay a one time non-refundable shipping charge of $50, which will cover shipping to your location and shipping the equipment back to Cardscore. Be sure to hold onto the box, as you will use this same box to ship the equipment back.
  • You will pay a refundable deposit of $250 for the equipment. As long as the equipment is sent back to us and not damaged, you will be refunded in full after you are finished renting the equipment and it is returned to us.
  • You will receive one free economy level submission and you will then pay our standard pricing: https://www.cardscore.com/pricing
  • To get started, just sign the agreement and pay below. Experience Cardscore and rent our revolutionary technology for just $25 per month!
Homebase Rental Agreement
Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.