Why Try Cardscore? It's FUN!

September 2, 2021

Cardscore brings multiple benefits to the card collecting hobby, including adding value to graded cards, scoring ungraded cards, and giving collectors a say in the grading process. However, there is another aspect of Cardscore that sets it apart from other grading services.


At the end of the day collecting is a hobby that people enjoy. We believe that Cardscore helps add enjoyment to the hobby. 

It’s fun to see how others would score your cards.

It’s fun to score other people's cards.

It’s fun to introduce kids, new collectors and returning hobbyists to the grading of cards without having to pay excessive amounts.

If you buy a box of cards for your kid for their birthday, and they get a good card, there should be an easy, fun, and affordable way to get it graded. You can use Cardscore to introduce your kids to the grading process as well as educate them on how it increases the value of the card. 

Cardscore is also for the collector who is just getting back into the hobby and seeing how much grading has affected the landscape. Our system is easy to use, enjoyable and safe! You don’t have to worry about packing and mailing your precious collection. Instead, you can take them to your LCS or a show to submit cards for scoring!

Cardscore is also for the “grizzled veteran” of the hobby. Having a say in the grading process is something many longtime hobbyists have wanted and Cardscore provides that opportunity.

At the end of the day, Cardscore is making grading available to everyone, the new collector, the lifelong hobbyist and even kids. Our system gives people the opportunity to grade cards that may normally not get the chance. 

Do you want to join in on the fun? Go to app.cardscore.com to sign up for an account and start scoring cards! Bring your cards to a Cardscore partnered LCS or a show and start scanning them in today! 

Collectors Know Best!


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