True Mantle Rookie Project (1951 Bowman) Launching May 4th!

April 29, 2021

Cardscore is excited to announce the launch of our next large-scale crowdsourced card scoring project! This time around YOU and your fellow collectors will be scoring what many say is the most undervalued card of all time.

Starting Tuesday, May 4th, 30 different 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie cards will be available for scoring on our web app.

This time around, Cardscore is going to choose the top 50 scorers and pay them each $50 for their efforts! To have the opportunity to win this prize, go to and sign up to be a scorer.

New to Cardscore? Here’s how the Mantle Project will work:

1. You will use your phone, tablet, or computer to view high resolution scans of 30 different Mickey Mantle rookie cards that have all been given various grades by the professionals.

2. You will have the ability to zoom in on each card and give it a score (grade) in four different categories – Corners, Edges, Centering, and Surface. Our scoring system is based on a scale of 1-100. A Cardscore 100 is a near-perfect card and the equivalent of a professionally graded 10. A Cardscore 90 is in the range of a professionally graded 9, and so on… Cardscore’s technology allows for cards to be scanned in at 1200dpi so that you can see plenty of detail.

3. Other collectors will also be giving each card a score. The overall score of each card will be based on the average score given by the group of collectors scoring. Scores that are determined to be extreme outliers will be removed before calculating the average score.

4. We will publish the final results via email and social media.

5. We will choose the 50 scorers we feel do the best job and pay them each $50 for their efforts!

The scoring process can be done on phones, tablets or computers giving collectors the freedom to score whenever and wherever they want!

Sign up now at and on Tuesday, May 4th we’ll let you know when you can begin scoring. Remember, the top 50 scorers will each receive $50 for their work! You’ll improve your chances to win by taking the time to score all 30 cards with accuracy. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this upcoming project featuring one of the most undervalued cards of all time!

Because after all, Collectors Know Best!

(And May The Fourth Be With You)

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.