TRISTAR Houston Sports Collectors Show Recap

June 10, 2021

[CARD]SCORE had an amazing weekend at the TRISTAR Houston Sports Collectors Show! Thanks to TRISTAR for putting on an incredible show, and to all the attendees who stopped by our booth to learn more about [CARD]SCORE. 

This was the first time ever that collectors were able to try out [CARD]SCORE'S patent-pending technology. We had kiosks there equipped with a scanner and our scorekey device. Our scorekey is what’s responsible for securely sending a high resolution image of the card to our web application and preventing the possibility of manipulation. Check out this great video that Breakout Cards put together to show how the process works.

[CARD]SCORE'S technology is available on a limited basis right now at card shows. Our kiosks will soon be in card shops across the country, and we will keep our website and social media pages updated so you know when and where you can go to submit your cards. 

It was free for collectors to submit cards at the Houston show. When we begin charging for submissions, our pricing will start at a range from $10-$100. Pricing will be updated regularly for the number of cards in the queue to be scored by the collector community. Ultimately, the price depends on how quickly you would like your card scored and we are building an algorithm to determine what the price should be. We offer different service levels which can expedite the process of scoring. 

We met with many card shop owners who are interested in installing a [CARD]SCORE kiosk in their shop. In Houston, we launched our Partner Program which allows shops to have our technology installed at no upfront cost to them. They will make revenue on each card that is submitted from their shop, and also benefit from increased traffic as a result of customers going to the shop to use [CARD]SCORE but purchasing other items while they are there. If you are a card shop interested in partnering with [CARD]SCORE, please fill out the form here:

Lou Brown - Owner of Legends Sports and Games in Grand Rapids Michigan has signed up to partner with Cardscore

[CARD]SCORE raffled off cards at the TRISTAR Houston Sports Collectors Show. Collectors could be entered into the raffle by submitting a card for scoring at the show, or scoring cards at the show or from home.  

James Lewandowski won a 1953 Topps Jackie Robinson card the first day of the raffle. James is from Pennsylvania and although he didn’t attend the show, he won the card by scoring cards from home. 

On day two, Chase Halpin won a 1952 Willie Mays! Chase was at the show and submitted cards for scoring. Check out this interview that Chase and his father Mike did with our owner.

We were blessed to have a team of [CARD]SCORE Regional Representatives at the show to assist us. These hard working individuals are passionate collectors who heard about [CARD]SCORE and wanted to get involved. They traveled across the country to be there to help us out. If you’re interested in joining our regional representative program, please email us at The position is flexible and part time, and pays on an hourly basis.

Thanks again to TRISTAR and everyone who helped make Houston an incredible launch for [CARD]SCORE! If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, you’ll soon start to see [CARD]SCORE at other card shows and at card shops throughout the country. 

You can get involved now by creating an account and logging in at Click the “Score Cards” button and get started. We will soon be compensating scorers for their time. Those who score cards now will have more experience in the system and therefore be prioritized and have more opportunities to be compensated for scoring cards. Roughly half of our revenue will go towards compensating the scorers and the card shops we partner with.

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.