The True Mantle Rookie Project Results!

May 13, 2021

The results are in! You had the opportunity to view high-resolution scans of 30 different 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie cards that were graded anywhere from 1.5 to 6.5 by professional graders.

We appreciate the time and effort that everyone put in to help us pull off the world’s largest crowdsourced card grading project!

YOU, the collectors, have spoken and the scores you submitted have helped to determine a winner. We hope that you enjoyed having a say in the card scoring process!

Overall scores ranged from 14-63. In the end, a PSA 6.5 was the highest scored card with a Cardscore of 63. This was the highest professionally graded card in the Mantle Project, so this may be an unsurprising result. However, there were quite a few other cards that caught our attention!

The virtual Cardscore sticker above is used to show a breakdown of the category scores, as well as the overall ‘Cardscore’ in the upper right-hand corner. It also has the professional grading company, professional grade, and the serial number which matches the serial number on the card. Each card is also assigned a Cardscore serial number right above the Cardscore logo, which is added to our online database.

One of the biggest surprises was the PSA 2 pictured above that received a Cardscore of 36! Collectors made it clear they viewed that PSA 2 as better than other professionally graded cards in the 3’s and 4’s! We are very excited by this result, because it shows the value that Cardscore brings to the market. In events like these, collectors could decide to resubmit their cards for professional grading after receiving a higher Cardscore!

Other Cardscores of note were a PSA 3 scoring a 41, an SGC 30 scoring a 38, an SGC 40 scoring a 31, and a PSA 4 scoring a 33! We also noticed that the PSA 5.5 with a cardscore of 55, tied both the PSA 6 and BVG 6 with their respective Cardscores of 55. Cases like these help show why Cardscore was created. You, the collectors, showed that not every professionally graded card is the same, whether they have the same professional grade or not.

Continue reading to see the final results on all the other Mantle rookies you scored! You’ll notice that multiple cards ended with the same overall scores, yet one is ranked than the other. Cardscore rounds to whole numbers, so these cards were very close, but the category scores on corners, centering, surface, and edges gave certain cards the slight edge.

Thanks again for using our platform to participate in The True Mantle Rookie Project. Stay tuned for an additional project to be announced soon!

Collectors Know Best!

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