The Scoreboard

October 10, 2021

The Scoreboard is a brand new, transparent way to watch cards submitted to our platform being scored (graded) in real-time!

Cardscore is committed to being fully transparent and open about our process. Anybody with access to the internet now has a way to watch cards submitted to our system being scored from start to finish by visiting The Scoreboard.

The Scoreboard shows an image of the card being scored, the number of scores that card currently has, and a digital sticker with what the score is currently.

The number of scores and the digital sticker will continue to change as collectors score the card higher or lower.

After the card reaches a total of 50 scores, outliers on each side are removed and the score is averaged out. The owner of that card will then be able to access a digital sticker in their account similar to the one shown on The Scoreboard, and will receive a physical version of the sticker in the mail if they paid for that service.

Interested in taking part in Cardscore’s transparent scoring (grading) platform?

You can score cards by signing up for an account at or by downloading the Cardscore Mobile app. Your input could make a difference in what the final score for these cards ends up being, and you can even earn a little commission for your time.

Want to submit your own card? This will allow you to view the card in the process of being scored on The Scoreboard, get the opinion of 50 different collectors, and receive a digital and physical sticker showing your final results. READ MORE about how you can start submitting your cards here:

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