The Cardscore Scorekey

June 2, 2021

When creating a system for crowdsourced card scoring (grading) there were two things we prioritized above all else:

1. High-resolution images of cards so that users can zoom in and see the card in great detail.

2. Securely sending the image to the platform, without the potential for somebody to manipulate it prior to uploading.

We created a device and patent-pending technology that accomplishes both of these. The “scorekey” is what connects our web application to the scanner, and sends the high-resolution image directly to our server, rather than a user’s device locally, so it can’t be manipulated.

Cardscore has created kiosks with a scanner and scorekey which will soon be available for collectors to use and submit cards at card shops across the country.

The technology will also be available at upcoming card shows, including the TRISTAR Houston Sports Collectors Show June 4-6.

In the future, Cardscore will also be selling scorekeys so that collectors can submit cards to the system from home as well.

Collectors Know Best!

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.