Survey Shows Collectors Loved The Jordan Project!

April 20, 2021

Cardscore recently launched The Jordan Project which allowed collectors to use to score (grade) eight Michael Jordan rookie cards that had all been professionally graded an 8. They viewed high-resolution images of each of the cards and gave them scores on a scale of 1-100.

This was the world's first large-scale crowdsourced card grading project! We wanted to get feedback on what participants thought of the project, so we ran a survey. The results were outstanding!

When we asked about overall satisfaction of The Jordan Project, 87% of participants were satisfied or very satisfied.

We also asked participants if they would submit their own cards for other collectors to score (grade) if this was an option in the future. 70% of participants responded that they would.  

We were most excited to see the results of the question that asked if they would participate in other Cardscore projects in the future that feature different cards. An astounding 93% responded that they would!

We appreciate everyone who took the time to participate in The Jordan Project, and also those who took the survey. Respondents were also given the chance to provide a short answer with any feedback they would like to give on the project. We are taking the time to read through these responses and prioritize updates and modifications for our platform.

Cardscore is driven by YOU the collectors. Our goal is to allow the collector community to have a say in the card grading process. Your opinion matters to us, and that's why we are taking the time to collect your feedback.

Please stay tuned for a new project to be announced in the near future. 93% of you said you would participate in another Cardscore project, so we'll be delivering that to you very soon!

Collectors Know Best!

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