The Jordan Project Results!

April 22, 2021

The results are in! You had the opportunity to view high-resolution scans of eight different Michael Jordan rookie cards that various professional graders gave an ‘8’.

We appreciate the time and effort collectors put in to help us pull off the world’s first-ever large-scale crowdsourced card grading project!

YOU the collectors have spoken and the scores you submitted have helped to determine a winner. We hope that you enjoyed having a say in the card scoring process!

Overall scores ranged from 79-85. It was close, but in the end, the SGC pictured below was the winner!

The virtual Cardscore sticker above is used to show a breakdown of the category scores, as well as the overall ‘Cardscore’ in the upper right-hand corner. It also has the professional grading company, professional grade, and the serial number which matches the serial number on the card. Each card is also assigned a Cardscore serial number right above the Cardscore logo, which is added to our online database.

Continue reading to see the final results on all the other Jordan rookies you scored! You’ll notice that two other cards also had an overall score of 85. Cardscore rounds to whole numbers, so these two cards were very close, but the category scores on corners, centering, surface, and edges gave the SGC pictured above the slight edge.

Thanks again for using our platform to participate in The Jordan Project. Stay tuned for additional projects to be announced soon!

Collectors Know Best!

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