Cardscore is a Platform to Connect Collectors

October 12, 2021

Airbnb… VRBO… Uber… Lyft… These are all platforms that connect their users with one another and allow transactions to take place.

Online vacation rental marketplaces connect property owners with short term renters. Ridesharing apps connect drivers with passengers.

These platforms have made it easier to transact in these industries in our modern world.

Cardscore is doing the same thing in the cards and collectibles realm by crowdsourcing the grading process.

Rather than mailing a card to a service where a human grader evaluates the card and gives it a grade, Cardscore connects the owner of a card with fellow collectors. 50 collectors have the opportunity to give their input, evaluate the card, and give it a score on a scale of 1-100. Outliers are then removed, and the score is averaged out to determine a final Cardscore.

The company and its employees are not making decisions regarding what a card’s score should be. We are connecting collectors across the world to do that. For the first time ever the collectors are in control of the grading process.

The demand for a service like this has existed for years. That service is finally here. We’ve all seen posts on social media and card forums with a picture of a raw card asking “what do you think this card would grade?” We’ve all been to card shops where the owner of a card is trying to get the opinion of the shop owner or manager on their cards.

Cardscore is using data and the opinion of not just one person, but 50 collectors on each card to come up with a final result. For just $10, a card owner can use this service, and their valuable card never leaves their possession.

The process is kicked off with a card owner using our technology in the form of a kiosk at a local card shop or our home system to scan in a card.

The owner of the card pays a small fee to make a submission, and it’s then viewable to our community of collectors online (scorers) to evaluate and score. We bring transparency to the process with features like The Scoreboard which allows anybody to watch the scoring process in real-time.

Roughly half the fee the card owner pays goes toward paying the scorers commission, and half the fee goes toward paying for the infrastructure and manufacturing of kiosks which are placed in local card shops across the country.

Each partner card shop makes some commission from submissions made in their shop, and they also benefit from the free marketing Cardscore gives them from listing the shop on our website and promoting them on our social media platforms.

We are proud of the network of card shops we have built across the country. This local card shop network will ultimately be used for future services like Cardscore VERIFIED (Coming Soon) and eventually authentication and encapsulation of cards.

We greatly appreciate the business and support of collectors around the world. If you’re interested in making a Cardscore submission, you can CLICK HERE to learn more.

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.