Cardscore Use Cases

October 29, 2021

Cardscore provides a new perspective the hobby has never before seen. Our system allows card owners to submit cards without them ever leaving their possession, and quickly get results based on the opinions and data of 50 of their fellow collectors. Here are a few things the system is being used for. 

Scoring Raw Cards 

Collectors can use Cardscore as a stand alone service. With our low costs and quick turnaround times, Cardscore is a great way to get lower valued cards evaluated that wouldn't make sense sending to other grading services given their pricing. For example, take a look at this 2020 Instant Impact LaMelo Ball.

This card sells for less than $5 raw, but after receiving a Cardscore of 91, the owner of this card sold it for $37 on eBay! Using Cardscore, collectors are able to receive feedback and evaluation from 50 different scorers with each card they submit! Our economy service gets you results in just a few days. For just $16, you get a score based on the evaluation of your card by 50 different collectors, a magnetic case, and a Cardscore sticker with your final results. 

Cardscore VERIFIED is coming soon and will use digital fingerprinting technology to verify the card in hand is actually the card that was scored using our system. Read more here:


Many collectors also use Cardscore as a pre-grading tool! Getting the feedback from 50 different collectors can help card owners decide whether to send a card off to another service. Cardscore DIGITAL allows a user to opt out of a physical sticker and magnetic case. So the user can get results in a few days digitally for just $10! Take a look at this 2021 Downtown Patrick Mahomes.

The owner of this card submitted it to Cardscore and received a 94, which is a great score! Encouraged by their results, they submitted their card to PSA, where it scored a 10! This is not the first example of the Cardscore community evaluating cards well. Take a look at this video, where one collector submitted 4 different Topps Chrome Pink Refractor Shohei Ohtani cards to Cardscore and then submitted them to PSA:  

Previously Graded Cards

Have you ever had a card you felt was undergraded? Cardscore is a great resource for these types of situations! Take a look at these two different Pink Velocity Justin Herbert rookie cards. The standard PSA 9 sold for $525 on 8/4/21 while the PSA 9 with a Cardscore of 92 sold for almost $640 just twelve days later! 

How many times have you heard someone describe their graded card as having great eye appeal, looking nicer, or being undergraded? With Cardscore, collectors can submit cards that have already been graded by other services. Cardscore sends a sticker that can be placed on the back of the cards slab. Higher Cardscore's can raise the value of these cards like the Herbert!

It’s Fun And A Way To Get Kids Into The Hobby

One of the problems that has arisen with the explosion of the card collecting industry is that kids are being priced out of the hobby. Grading and collecting is becoming quite pricey! Cardscore helps alleviate the costs by making grading available for everyone. The new collector, the lifelong hobbyist and even kids can use our system! 

Our easy and fun to use kiosks and Homebase units give people the opportunity to grade cards that may normally not get the chance. Collectors can even watch their cards get scored in real time on The Scoreboard! This live page updates as scores come in for cards that have been submitted for scoring. It's a fun and transparent way to see the Cardscore process at work! 

Connecting Collectors

Finally, Cardscore is a platform that connects collectors with each other. When someone submits a card to Cardscore, it is made available for scoring to collectors around the world! The company and employees are not making decisions regarding what a card’s score should be. We are connecting collectors across the world to do that. For the first time ever the collectors are in control of the grading process. 

Not only do we connect collectors to each other, we also connect them to great shops in their area! Cardscore is partnered with over 50 different card shops and that number continues to grow! These partnered shops receive a kiosk where collectors can come to submit their cards for scoring while checking out the products that partnered shop has to offer!

At the end of the day, Cardscore is a platform created by collectors to be enjoyed by collectors. We continuously improve and evolve our product offerings, so that uses like these can increase and reach collectors everywhere!

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