Cardscore RAW Launches at The National

July 22, 2021

Cardscore is excited to announce that we will be allowing attendees of the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) to submit their raw cards for the first time ever while at the show! 

Cardscore RAW will allow card owners to scan in a raw card, securely submit it to our platform using our patent pending technology, and have it scored by 50-100 collectors online. 

Initially, raw submissions will only be available to attendees of the National as part of a limited time release, but it will soon be available at card shops we have partnered with across the country. 

The submission process for a raw card is very similar to the professionally graded card service. The same scorekey device and scanner will be used to scan in and submit a raw card.

A Cardscore template is required for the scanning and submission of raw cards. The template has 9 slots, with each slot designed to hold a standard sized trading card. Different sized templates will be available down the road for non-traditional sized cards. Users will only be able to scan in one card at a time at the National, however a card owner will have the ability to scan in up to 9 cards at one time in the near future.

After a card is submitted, it will be available to be viewed by 50-100 collectors online. Those collectors will then score the card on a scale of 1-100 using the four main grading categories of centering, surface, edges and corners.

Once enough collectors have scored the card, extreme outliers are removed, and the score is averaged to determine the final Cardscore. 

Similarly to professionally graded cards, users who submit a raw card will receive a digital sticker in our application and a physical sticker that is sent in the mail which displays the card's information as well as the final Cardscore. The sticker for a professionally graded card has a holographic diamond, whereas the raw card sticker has a holographic circle, to distinguish between the two services.

In addition to the sticker, the raw card owner will receive a one-touch magnetic case. The purpose of the case is to have a way to both protect the card and display the sticker. 

Many collectors we’ve spoken to at shows, in card shops, and online are excited to start using Cardscore RAW as a pre-grading service. 

We agree that this could be a great use case for Cardscore RAW. Our pricing currently ranges from $10-100, and is dependent upon how quickly you would like to have your card scored. Card value does not play a factor in calculating submission prices. The turnaround time for scoring to be finalized is currently only about one week. 

Given the turnaround time, Cardscore RAW is an incredible way to quickly get an opinion on a card from a large community of collectors, who bring a valuable new perspective to the grading industry. Not to mention, there is no packaging and mailing involved. Your valuable card never leaves your possession. 

Our platform provides a specific metric on what collectors think of a card. For years, card owners have solicited the opinions of collectors on social media. Cardscore is based on the data, and the opinion of many collectors rather than just a few. 

In the future, we will be releasing digital fingerprinting technology to verify cards that have been previously scored using our system. 

For example… Let's say that you submit a card at The National, receive a score, and place the card in the magnetic one-touch with the Cardscore sticker on it. The verified service will allow you to bring the card to either another show, or one of our partner shops that has a Cardscore kiosk to scan it in again and prove that the digital fingerprint is a match. If it does match, the card would then be securely sealed. If you decided to sell this card, the seal would give potential buyers assurance that the card being listed for sale is the card that was scanned into our platform.

Collectors Know Best is more than just a slogan. We are continuously taking in feedback from the collector community on how we can modify and improve our platform. Cardscore RAW is a direct product of this. We heard your feedback and listened to your desire for the platform to have a raw submission option. We hope that you are as excited as we are with this release! If you are planning on attending the National, bring your raw cards and be one of the first to submit them to our platform.

If you are not able to attend the National, no worries! You can be amongst the first collectors to ever score a raw card through Cardscore! Just go to at any point throughout the show and start scoring. You will even be compensated for your efforts!

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.