Cardscore Begins Placing Kiosks Across The Country!

June 23, 2021


Cardscore has placed its first ever kiosk at Legends Sports and Games in Grand Rapids, MI! For the first time ever, collectors can go into a card shop and submit their own cards for scoring (grading).

Cardscore kiosks are equipped with everything you need to make a submission. They are ready to go with our patent-pending technology including our scorekey device and a scanner, so you'll just need to bring the cards you want to submit and a mobile phone to get your cards scored!

Cardscore is proud to partner with card shops around the country. The shops that partner with us receive revenue on each card that is submitted in that location. If you’re a card shop that is interested in partnering with us, you can reach out to to learn more. 

Our pricing is updated regularly to account for the number of cards in the queue to be scored by the collector community. Ultimately, the price depends upon how quickly you would like your card scored and we are building an algorithm to determine the price. We offer different service levels which can expedite the process of scoring and the service levels currently range from $10-$100.

Currently, Cardscore only accepts cards that have already been professionally graded for scoring but will be accepting raw cards in the near future when we release our digital fingerprinting technology.

With professionally graded cards, Cardscore provides a specific metric to commonly used terms such as "great eye appeal", "nicer", and "undergraded." For example, a Jordan PSA 8 could get a Cardscore of 86, whereas another Jordan PSA 8 could get a Cardscore of 79.  In this case, the 86 would have scored higher from the standpoint of the collector community, despite both receiving the same professional grade.  The Cardscore 86 would be worth more.

Bring your card to a kiosk today to submit and see what your fellow collectors think. A higher Cardscore can help increase the card's market value.

To find a Cardscore kiosk near you and see where a kiosk is coming soon, go to:

In the near future, Cardscore will also be selling our scorekey device so that you can purchase one and submit cards from home!

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.