Cardscore Is Going To The TRISTAR Houston Show!

May 24, 2021

Cardscore is excited to announce that we will be demoing our scanning technology and allowing collectors to submit their own cards to be scored at the TRISTAR Houston Sports Collector Show from June 4-6! This will be the first-ever opportunity for the general public to submit cards for scoring. If you're going to the Houston show, be sure to check out our booth. If you're not attending, don't worry, Cardscore will soon be available for submitting cards at other shows and card shops across the country.

Cardscore's patent-pending technology allows cards to be scanned in at a very high-resolution thanks to our "scorekey" device. The scorekey prevents manipulation of images by not allowing the scanned images to ever go to a device locally. Instead, the images go to our server, which then uploads them to our app to be scored (graded) by our community of collectors!

To learn more about Cardscore's submission process, check out this video:

The growth and sustainability of local card shops is a core philosophy of Cardscore. Collectors will be able to head to select local card shops, where our Cardscore kiosks will be located, to submit their cards for scoring. These kiosks come equipped with a scanner and scorekey, so that collectors can submit their cards for scoring in a matter of minutes! We believe that these kiosks will help increase traffic and sales at local card shops, which is fantastic for the card collecting hobby.

Once a collector submits their card to be scored, the Cardscore community of collectors will then be able to begin scoring that card! Cards are scored on a scale of 1-100, using their four main categories: centering, corners, edges, and surface. Cardscore's scanning technology allows users to view the front and back of each card, while zooming in at a very high rate to closely inspect every aspect of the card. Once over 100 collectors have scored the card, extreme outliers are removed and an average score is calculated. This is the official Cardscore for that card! To learn more about the scoring process, click HERE.

After a card has its Cardscore, a sticker is printed off with the Cardscore as well as the scores for the four main categories. This sticker is then mailed back to the owner of the scored card. The sticker can then be placed on the back of the slab, giving the card its official Cardscore!

Remember, Cardscore is not meant to replace professional grading companies. Currently, we are only allowing submissions of cards that have already been professionally graded. Cardscore brings a new perspective to the industry and is an online crowdsourced metric for often used terms such as "great eye appeal", "nicer", or "undergraded" to differentiate between cards of the same professional grade.

For example a card could be a PSA 8 with a Cardscore of 81, while another PSA 8 version of the same card could have a Cardscore of 86. Both cards are a PSA 8, but 100 collectors on average viewed one of them better. Use cases like this, as well as a system to allow collectors to get involved in the card grading process, is precisely why Cardscore was created.

We're excited to meet Houston card show attendees and further reveal what Cardscore has to offer! If you're not attending the show, there will still be opportunities for you to get involved in the action by scoring the cards that are submitted throughout the weekend. We'll keep you posted on how to participate via email and our blog as we get closer to the show.

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