Cardscore Homebase

September 7, 2021

Cardscore is excited to announce that you can now purchase our technology to submit your cards for scoring from home!

This is the same exact technology as what you would find in a Cardscore kiosk in your LCS. The only difference is this will allow you to have a personal setup and submit from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s how to get your own Cardscore Homebase setup:

  1. Purchase a Scorekey from Cardscore using this link:
  2. Purchase an Epson V600 scanner from a local or online retailer. Find Epson V600 scanners using this link:

And that’s it! Our Scorekey is programmed to allow you to connect to the scanner using your device (phone, computer, or tablet).

Our patent-pending Scorekey connects the Cardscore application on your device to the scanner and sends a high-resolution image of a card directly to our server without the potential for manipulation.

Your Scorekey purchase will also come with a raw template which will allow you to submit standard sized raw cards for scoring (additional templates for other sized cards coming in the future). Currently, you will be able to scan one card in at a time, but our template will also allow you to do 9 cards at once in the future.

We recommend connecting your Scorekey to Ethernet for the fastest scan times and the most reliable connection, although we have a WiFi option if you are unable to use Ethernet.

We have a limited supply of Scorekeys for this initial rollout so we recommend ordering soon! Scorekeys are currently discounted to allow early adopters to purchase at a lower price point.

You will also receive a discount code so that your first submission is free!

For future submissions you pay based on how quickly you would like to receive your results. We have 3 different levels. You can see current pricing below.

Priority: $30 (Current Estimated Completion Time 1-2 Days)

Standard: $20 (Current Estimated Completion Time 3-4 Days)

Economy: $10 (Current Estimated Completion Time 7-10 Days)

**There is a $5 fulfillment fee for professionally graded cards and a $6 fulfillment fee for raw cards.

Our pricing will be updated over time based on the number of cards in the queue so that we can continue to offer a quick and reliable service. However, we are committed to continuing to keep pricing affordable and available to all collectors.

After your Scorekey purchase, you will receive instructions on how to set your new device. You will also receive priority access to our support team to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Cardscore is dedicated to providing relentless customer service and support.

Be one of the first to participate in Cardscore Homebase and purchase your Scorekey today:

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.