Cardscore Has Begun Paying Scorers

July 13, 2021

Cardscore is excited to announce that the payment of scorers has begun! Collectors will now be compensated for the time they spend scoring cards on The scoring process is meant to be enjoyable and a service to the hobby.

By scoring cards, collectors are making their voice heard and having a direct impact on the process of determining a card's condition and value.

Cardscore is able to compensate scorers because roughly half the cost of each card submission goes to paying the scorers. The total payout amount is based on how much a card owner pays to submit their card. It is then divided up amongst the scorers who participated in scoring that card.

You can view your commission amount by selecting the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen on

After the menu appears, select view commission balance to see your current commission total.

NOTE: The commission amount is subject to fluctuation because Cardscore does not payout on cards if your score ends up as an outlier. Your total commission amount may decrease slightly if this does happen. Commissions only show in a user's account after a card has received enough scores and been finalized.

The commission amount will continue to build up until we do a payout, which will be at the beginning of each month.

Commissions will be sent through PayPal to the email Cardscore has on file for your account. When a payout arrives, users will be notified via email and have the option to transfer money into their bank account through PayPal, or direct the money to their PayPal account.

Scorers must have at least $4 in their commission balance to trigger a payout. After the payout is processed the commission balance will go back to $0. A balance will not be erased if it is under $4 when the payout occurs. It will simply continue to remain active, and be paid in a future period after the scorer has reached the $4 threshold.

Remember to do your best when scoring. Accounts may be deactivated for consistently abusing the system/giving inaccurate grades. In the near future, we will also be "scoring the scorers" which will help determine the scorers who are doing the best job and they will be given the best opportunities for compensation.

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