Cardscore DIGITAL Is Now Available!

September 27, 2021

Cardscore DIGITAL has launched and is now available at our partner stores with Cardscore kiosks as well as for Cardscore Homebase users.

Learn how to submit cards here:

Cardscore DIGITAL allows users to receive results and a digital Cardscore sticker at the lowest possible price by opting out of the physical sticker. Our economy level is currently only $10 and allows a user to receive their results in just 7-10 days!

It should be noted that users who choose to get the physical sticker still receive the same digital sticker and card image that is part of the Cardscore DIGITAL service. This is simply a way to just receive the results digitally for those who do not want a physical sticker and would like to avoid paying fulfillment fees. 

Here are some of the great use cases of Cardscore DIGITAL: 

Low Cost Cardscore

Cardscore will allow users to get a Cardscore on their card for the lowest possible price. The owner of the card can get the opinion of 50-100 of our scorers on their card. After outliers are removed and the score is averaged out, a final Cardscore is given. Cardscore DIGITAL will allow the card owner to view a digital version of the sticker associated with the card in their account. 

International Users

Cardscore has received many international inquiries from both card stores and individuals who would like to have our technology. Cardscore DIGITAL will allow international customers to purchase our technology and use it anywhere in the world. Cardscore does not currently offer physical stickers outside of the United States, so International customers will be required to use Cardscore DIGITAL only. 

Digital Version Of Card and Sticker

Cardscore DIGITAL will allow users to always have a very high resolution digital version of their card (2400 dpi) as well as the associated Cardscore sticker. The user can keep this in their account, even if they were to sell the card in the future. The card score images are also great for posting online if one was to ever list the card for sale. 

Which Service Is Right For You? 

When it comes to deciding whether you would like to receive a physical sticker or not, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Cardscore DIGITAL is the most affordable way to receive the opinion of 50-100 of our scorers online. 
  • Cardscore DIGITAL is the most affordable way to have a quality digital image of your card and the associated sticker. 
  • It’s very likely that Cardscore will continue to roll out more digital products in the future. Cardscore DIGITAL is the most affordable way to have a digital version of your card and the sticker, even after the card is sold. This will allow you to participate in these future digital opportunities. 
  • Cardscore RAW (which includes a physical sticker and a magnetic one touch case) is only $6 more. This allows you to have a holder for your card as well as a physical sticker that can be put on the card, in addition to the digital version. 
  • Cardscore VERIFIED will be released in the near future. VERIFIED will be a way for card owners to prove that the physical card they have is actually the one that was scored in our system. It’s highly recommended that users who plan to participate in Cardscore VERIFIED opt to receive a physical sticker now.

Read more about that service here:

How To Participate in Cardscore DIGITAL

Participating in Cardscore DIGITAL by opting out of the physical sticker is easy. It all happens during the checkout process after you have clicked a card(s) to submit. There is a checkbox you will select which will remove the fulfillment fee on your order. You can see an example of this below. 

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.