Cardscore Christmas Scorekey Discount!

December 3, 2021

Celebrate the holidays with Cardscore! For a limited time only, purchase a Scorekey for 10% off using the discount code CHRISTMAS10 at checkout. The Scorekey allows you to submit cards for scoring from the comfort of your home.

This package, which will ship within one business day of purchase, includes the Scorekey as well as a raw card template, which will allow you to scan in and submit raw cards.

Cardscore is the world's first crowdsourced card scoring (grading) platform! Trading cards are scanned and submitted to Cardscore, which can then be viewed and scored - our term for graded - by the collector community.

Our patent-pending technology allows the card to be scanned at a very high resolution, then sent directly to our server to be viewed in the app, without the potential for manipulation.

After the card has been scored by 50 different people, outliers are removed on each side and a finalized Cardscore is given. The collector then gets a sticker and case sent in the mail for their card.

The scorekey allows you to submit cards from the comfort of your own home, giving you access to the same exact technology that is found in a Cardscore kiosk in card shops.

The Cardscore Christmas Scorekey discount does not include the Epson V600 scanner that you need to connect your scorekey to. You will need to purchase an Epson V600 scanner from a local or online retailer. Find Epson V600 scanners using this link: ORDER SCANNER

Our Scorekey is programmed to allow you to connect to the scanner using your device (phone, tablet, or computer).  

Our patent pending Scorekey connects the Cardscore application on your device to the scanner and sends a high resolution image of a card directly to our server without the potential for manipulation.

Your Scorekey purchase will also come with a raw template which will allow you to submit standard sized raw cards for scoring (additional templates for other sized cards coming in the future). You can submit up to 9 cards at once, thanks to the release of our bulk scanning technology!

We recommend connecting your Scorekey to Ethernet for the fastest scan times and the most reliable connection, although we have a WiFi option if you are unable to use Ethernet.

After your Scorekey purchase, you will receive instructions on how to set up your new device. You will also receive priority access to our team to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Ready to order your Scorekey? CLICK HERE

Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.