Cardscore Can Increase Market Value Of Professionally Graded Cards

July 15, 2021

Cardscore is the world’s first crowdsourced card scoring platform. It allows collectors to submit cards to be scored - our term for graded - which then makes them available to our community of collectors to view and score. 

We’ve rolled out our patent-pending submission technology and are currently only accepting cards that have already been professionally graded. In the near future we will be accepting raw card submissions as well, and will be using digital fingerprinting technology to help with verifying that a specific card was submitted and scored in our system. 

We’ve had some great questions regarding the purpose behind submitting cards that have been professionally graded. 

With professionally graded cards, Cardscore provides a specific metric to commonly used terms such as “great eye appeal”, “nicer”, and “undergraded.” For example, a Jordan PSA 8 could get a Cardscore of 86, whereas another Jordan PSA could get a Cardscore of 79. In this case, the 86 scored higher from the standpoint of the collector community, despite both receiving the same professional grade. Because of this, the Cardscore 86 would be worth more. 

Many collectors have already benefited from submitting cards and receiving higher Cardscore’s than the professional grade. 

Take for example this 1957 Topps Brooks Robinson card. It has a professional grade of 5, but a Cardscore of 59. 

The owner of the card receives a digital sticker in our application, like the image above, and also receives a physical sticker in the mail that can be placed on the back of the card’s encapsulation. 

In addition to the card’s information and final Cardscore being shown on the sticker, the professionally graded serial number also appears on it to ensure the sticker the card is placed on is in fact the same card that was scored in the platform. 

In the case of the Robinson card, PSA shows the average price of a 1957 Topps Brooks Robinson graded 5 is $662.60, and the average price of the same card graded 6 is $1097.30. 

The owner of this Brooks Robinson card could sell the card for a higher value than a PSA 5 with the addition of the Cardscore sticker. 

The Cardscore shows the collectors opinion on cards that are submitted. It’s not a replacement for the professional grading companies, but a different perspective from the collectors themselves, who at the end of the day are an integral part of the card buying and selling process. 

Have a card that you’d like to submit? Our patent-pending technology is available at many major card shows as well as select card shops across the country. Visit and click the How It Works tab to find a current list of kiosk locations. 

Take a look at the following cards below for a few examples of cards that have been submitted to our platform and received a higher Cardscore than professional grade. 

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