What We Do
Cardscore is a company that brings crowdsourcing to the grading of TRADING cards.
Cardscore is the world's first crowdsourced card scoring (grading) platform! Any standard sized trading card can be scanned and submitted to Cardscore, which can then be viewed and scored - our term for graded - by the collector community. Our patent-pending technology allows the card to be scanned at a very high resolution, then sent directly to our server to be viewed in the app, without the potential for manipulation. Cardscore technology is now available for public use at select card shops and shows across the United States.
Anybody can sign up to be a scorer. The scoring process can be done using our web application from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Individual collectors score on the same criteria that professional firms do - corners, edges, centering, and surface. The high resolution image can be zoomed in on to see great detail. Each card is given a score from 1-100 for each of these categories. After a card has been scored by over 100 collectors, any scores that are extreme outliers are removed, and a final score is given.
Cardscore accepts both raw card submissions and cards that have already been professionally graded. CLICK HERE for a list of kiosk locations of partner card shops you can go to and submit cards to be scored.

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Support Available M-F 9AM-5PM EST.