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01 - Card scoring
Collectors can submit cards they own to be scored - our term for graded - by the collector community. After it's submitted, the card is scored (graded) by our 50 collectors on a scale of 1-100. Outliers are then removed and a final score is given. Cardscore technology is now available to the public in select card shops and shows across the United States!
Cardscore Puts You,
The Collectors,
In Charge. Collectors
Know Best
02 - Become a scorer
Cardscore wants your help scoring cards. For the first time ever, collectors like you are taking part in the card grading process. Scoring can be done by using our web application from a computer, tablet, or phone. You'll score cards on corners, edges, centering, and surface, just like the pros. Scorers also have the ability to earn commission on each card that they score!
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